Our History

Brick Lane Beigel Bake is a family run bakery established in 1974 by Asher & Amnon Cohen and Sammy Minzley.
The trio began their journey working with their brother Jonny Cohen who was running a bakery.

They worked many long and hard hours supplying numerous bakeries and perfecting the beigel that we know and love today. Several years later, Jonny sold up shop and the trio moved their operation a couple of doors down to 159 Brick Lane.

Brick Lane Beigel Bake was born.

Rolling on with their wholesale business, they began to sell to a small number of people that could smell the heavenly scent as they passed by. It was not before long that demand grew so they opened their doors to the public.

They stuck to what they knew best and kept things simple, offering traditional fillings such as salmon & cream cheese, chopped herring, cheddar and egg. A local Jewish deli selling salt beef was closing and so they decided to offer that too.

Behold your beloved salt beef beigel!!

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